The Vibrator Gets Smartphone Savvy

Recently I bought my girlfriend (yes I got approval for writing this blog post) a sex toy (thanks for the good service SEXTOYS247.NET.AU Online) – as alarming as that might sound, we had a discussion about it and that conversation is the basis for this post.

This is the toy we bought:

There’s no shortage of reasons why a gal, or guy, should masturbate; not only does it feel good but it has a …

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Isaac Newton Tried To Make His Own Language And It Was No Klingon

Those who can speak more than one language have something useful they can boast about, unless it’s a version of Klingon or Elvish, then there are only a select view with whom they can converse. That’s because languages like Klingon have been created for the realms of science fiction, but that doesn’t make the language any less valid.

Even Sir Isaac Newton tried to construct his own language where he imagined words would follow a …

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Ouch! When Robots Feel Pain

In a move that sounds like a case of robot bullying to the extreme, researchers from Germany have developed a way for robots to feel pain. And as cruel, (and sad), as it sounds, they’re doing it for a purpose, to help robots save themselves.

Robots are impressive feats of technology and incredibly useful for a variety of tasks ranging from the unpleasant to the dangerous, and because robots don’t feel pain as humans do, …

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Why Recycling Your Cell Phone Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Trying to live green means recycling, and many of us are great at ensuring that each and every wrapper, can, and piece of paper makes its way into the proper bin. But what about all of those electronics that we’re so fond of?

Small electronics like cell phones and tablets are difficult to take apart and as a result end up being shredded, along with any potentially toxic elements that are often present like lead …

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Australian Researchers Propose Code of Conduct for Animal-Drone Interactions

Look online for videos shot by drones and you’ll come across some spectacular footage of animal vs drone. Watch as geese, eagles, and in one case even a kangaroo, take on these unmanned flying machines, and as in most animal drone encounters posted online you’ll see the animal emerge victorious. Realising that this may not always be the case, two Australian researchers have developed a code of conduct for animal-drone interactions.

A lot like this …

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